Does it matter if Ahmadinejad is one of “them”?


The Iran Hostage Crisis of ’79-81 has been the subject of some dispute, even leading to an investigation by the State Department, with no unananimous conclusion as to whether or not Ahmadinejad was one of the hostage takers, or at least present with the hostages, but, other than giving the surviving hostages some sense of justice, hopefully, should Ahmadinejad be guilty of the accusations of some of them, what purpose does it serve to give a forum to the hostages of that time? I dare say it’s to make targetting Iran for selected attacks or full scale war more palatable.

If there’s a case to be made for that, I would hope the claims of undermining our present mission in Iraq, even though the war there is unpopular, would be considered a much stronger case to that end, and that further demonization of a world leader would not be necessary. The world is complex, and, while Ahmadinejad might not be a saint, if we go into Iran with simplistic notions of Good vs. Evil, who knows what the long term consequences will be, and just how far we’ll go to slay this marketed devil Ahmadinejad?


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