Iniquities in Paltalk Social Issues and elsewhere


This is a direct address to two types of participants in the Paltalk Social Issues section of the Paltalk chat program.

The first persons I’m addressing are the anti-Jew, Muslim, etc, bigots.

First, being Jewish; of Jewish descent; and having empathy for Jews doesn’t automatically make such a person a Zionist, and doesn’t mean that person hates Muslims, Arabs, or any other peoples in conflict with Jews or Israel.

Second, not all Jews are evil, and more than likely most aren’t evil, for the simple fact that the character of the individual can’t be known before the fact of him demonstrating it, or in advance of the discovery of evidence of his character. The use of a person’s stated religion, be it Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, etc., as proof of the moral failing of that person and his subsequent guilt in, or support for, some criminal act is also wrong, by virtue of any examples that belie the assumption: How can all Muslims be terrorists when one can find Muslims who reject violence and co-exist with people of other faiths? The simple answer is they can’t, because to convict anyone for crimes with no evidence germane to them is to reason from an invalid premise, made so by the fact that the absolutist nature of the assumption is false. Ultimately, people are individuals first.

The second persons I’m addressing are the anti victim political opportunists.

I don’t recall any victims, nor there advocates, asking you to obsess over hypocrisies by members of political parties, in and out of government office, and defame them as a whole with generalized accusations that they commit the very crime, sexually based ones, they claim to want to combat, or even to mock them for alleged sexual perversions. To assert that a party is not acting as it promised to on the issue of sex crimes is appropriate, to retard the advancement of legislation to that end with an uncessary focus on supposed inconsistencies not necessarily applicable to all, is asinine.

Both persons are either pitiable or immensely stupid, perhaps evil.

I find them sickening.


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