My bit of nationalism


I know many think nationalism is foolish, some even equate it with jingoism, and, while I’m not uncritical or praising of US foreign policy, nor am I fan of George W. Bush, I can’t help, as I’m American, being offended by behavior that directly or indirectly undermines my country’s foreign policy, not because I support it by default, I don’t. It’s because of, a, there is a presumption, often afforded to one’s government, of the benefit of the doubt, and, b, because some of those attempting, intentionally or not, to undermine US foreign policy, look like betrayers. The reasons one country might support another on an issue then change its mind, or nuance its position, can be many and varied, but I don’t see an important principle as being made wholly irrelevant by justifiable changes in position.

France, a nation I’ve tried to be fair to, was, as I understand, supportive of the US position on Iran and it’s alleged ambitions. I don’t know by how much, but my impression is that there was support. France says it still agrees with how America wants to deal with the Iranian issue. But, whether Iran or the Us is right not withstanding, after Iran ignores another deadline, France apparently offers a concession to Iran, letting it delay a prerequisite for talks until after those talks (negotions) have begun.

The intelligence of such a tactic can be debated, probably not well by me, but I think it’s hard to not see elements of betrayal and lack of steadfastness in such a proposal. Iran defies us, and France offers such a concession for consideration.

Even if you don’t agree with US foreign policy, I hope you can understand where I’m coming from.


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