My Blog Posts


The nature of my posts are observational. I notice things; I perceive errors; I see faults in others, and in myself; I see merits in faults others see as insurmountable. I was once more prolific. Nowadays my words are less, in too much so is my intellectual capability, but, as something of a trade, my words are simpler, though not readily understood often enough.

At times I am envious of others, at other times I have to wonder why someone allows poor arguments to obfuscate his premise, as if it should take much intelligence to see simple cases of appeals to emotion, avoidances of questions, and whatever else.

At the humblest, I blog to develop myself and seek approval, and at the most arrogant, I blog to show off my ability to reason, and to lecture others’ on what I see as their inability to do so.

That is the nature of my blogging.

P.S. I went into the chat rooms, in the one affilated with the MySpace forum, the one where people ask about html, etc., and merely wanted to know if anyone else was having difficulty getting into their blogs. I didn’t notice one answer. I only saw people hitting on each other. How utterly moronic can you get. Fucking twits.


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