Near to fully non judgmental people


I don’t deny that sometimes restrained judgment is best, and I think there are times when self imposed limits are proper, even those forced by higher authorities, but to have little to no willingness to ever judge, not just criminal guilt where prejudgment denies in principle the presumed innocence that should be given to the subject of such judgments, but even character judgment where the truth overwhelms you, is blind and not the least bit enlightened; It’s despicable cowardice.

Some persons are scum. Some acts are wretched. Being non judgmental doesn’t make one more ethical, it makes one selfish, preferring to show concern, if any, only for those who’ve done wrong, and not enough for those who’ve been wronged, all because they’re too afraid to stand behind a belief they can’t explain.
Stop trying to explain everything, and have at least enough of a spine to call trash what it is, trash, not another man’s treasure.

Don’t ask me to forgive them, as their victims to forgive you.


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