War opposition and supporting the troops: I can’t reconcile them


I have tried to look at this objectively, and maybe I just can’t, but it still seems erroneous to claim to support soldiers while at the same time being against the war they’re in.

I don’t think being against a war means you hate soldiers. I don’t think it’s anti-country to be against a war. But soldiers are soldiers in large part for what they do: Fighting wars, whether or not it was started by their nation, is what they do. This notion that one can claim to be supporting soldiers as soldiers, on the predicate of their belief in the immorality and non necessity of the war they’re engaged in, while perhaps morally legitimate, supposes a level of importance for individual opinions that is superceeding of all others. Is the premise for defining the support of soldiers to be one of disagreement, even hatred, for the war they are in? So if one hates the war, calling on the soldiers to not succeed at obtaining the present goal set by their commanders is therefor supporting them. Sorry, but that doesn’t make sense to me.

I don’t attack patriotism. I don’t think it’s defined by agreeing with a war simply because one’s nation’s military is involved in it, but the definition of support inferred from the end a war now persons is more motherly than anything else.


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