When opportunity knocks, what should you do?


It baffles me how the cynical, the mistrusting, though their life experiences might give them good reason to be doubtful, when their “enemies” (which tend to be many, real or imagined), offer to comprimise, even change their ways, those cynical people too often don’t try to civily push for more change from them, more help for one issue or another, but try to attack these so – called enemies.

Does the probability of success override the existence of a chance to succeed, even if slim?

Just what good is expressed disbelief and the belittlement that might accompany it, if opportunities for change might be few?

That some people earn mistrust is true, but it misses the point entirely. If there’s good to be done, those who can most effect it, must be persuaded, not assailed; at least not only assailed.


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