You’re the father. Well, maybe not. Either way, the crowd hates someone


Talk show crowds are strange to me. In a way, unethical. They largely automatically believe a woman’s claim as to who fathered her child, without verification. They understandably boo and holler at the man alleged to be the father when he starts calling the mother a whore (which the men seem to often do), but when the man is proven by dna to not be the father, they cheer him on, but sometimes as he’s berating his accusor, even well after such behavior began. So they bought her claim to be sound originally but, despite the fact the dna test may not prove she knowingly made a false claim, as soon as it disproves her accusation, they cheer him on, directly or implicitly, as he insults her whom the audience was willing to give an enormous benefit of the doubt to at the beginning. They see her crying, possibly wondering who the father is, and they find pleasure in it. I have empathy for falsely accused men, but if the woman can never find the father, she has to explain it to the child. I’m more empathetic to that.

Talk show audience are odd. Ok. They’re idiots.


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