Liberal Survey: An Alan Colmes Inspired Blog Posting


Alan Colmes’ liberal status, being often called into question, fairly or not, I thought I’d create a survey for liberals, whether just over half liberal, or completely liberal, so I have.

 Please provide short but concise explanitory paragraphs with your answers.

 1. What is your definition of liberalism?

2. What beliefs and ideas do you believe should not be part of liberalism?

3. How has liberalism changed, if at all, over a given period of time, and how would you rate that change?

 4.  Is liberalism your first philosophy?

5. If you were not a liberal first, what philosophy did you belong to before becoming one, and why did you become a liberal?

6.  How strongly liberal are you?

7. Who are good examples of liberalism?

8. Who are bad examples of liberalism?

9. What are good ways to argue on behalf of liberalism?

10. What are bad ways to argue on behalf of liberalism?

11.  In what direction should liberalism head, and how should liberals assist it toward that direction?



  1. Responsible govt is the short answer.

  2. Thanks for answering, though I think you misread the 2nd question. Still, thanks again.

  3. 1. Liberalism is the belief that freely giving of one’s thoughts, time, and possessions can help with the greater good of others on a local, national and world level.
    2. Caring for one-another.
    3. Liberalism has been changed by those who do not prescribe or agree, and this is to the detriment of all.
    4. Liberalism is my first philosophy.
    5. Always been a liberal
    6. On a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is liberal and 1 is conservative, I am an 8.
    7. Religion can be a good source of liberalism when it is expressed by caring for others.
    8. Those who believe that helping others is bad and that only helping one’s self is good.
    9. For those who oppose a liberal policy or point of view, determine what the opposing viewpoint is and find the root cause of that view is. Is it selfish? Point that out. Does it unfairly benefit a few over the many? Point that out. If the argument of “personal responsibility” comes up, point out that no man is an island, and that as a nation, we have all agreed to be in this together.
    10. Bad ways to argue liberalism are to use name calling or hold grudges or seek to personally attack another individual.
    11. Liberalism should head in the direction of making a come-back. Liberal is not a dirty word. By using the word Liberal, it can nullify the efforts of those who wish to push it into the darkness.

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