Women are smarter than they believe


Do you get a lot of flack for this kind of gender research?

I study perceived intelligence. I don’t research whether gender differences
in intelligence are innate. That always sparks controversy. But anytime you talk
about intelligence and gender, people will have strong feelings about it. Look
what happened to [Larry] Summers of Harvard [the former president of the
university was lambasted for suggesting that women are underrepresented in the
sciences at least partly due to inherent differences in intellectual ability
between the sexes]. I just let the data speak for itself. Nonetheless, sometimes
I think you have to be stupid, brave or just plain naive to work in this
area. — Adrian Furnham, a professor of psychology at University College London


I am confident to know that my intelligence is just high enough to know every
woman alive, not yet born, and dead is smarter than me.–WFG, dope on the internet.


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