Alan Colmes and John McCain


Alan Colmes, often assailed by some liberals, could revel in the discord among conservatives and Republicans over John McCain’s apparently inevitable nomination as the Republican Presidential Nominee, but he’s chosen to not act as his detractors on the left and has, instead, defended the veracity of John McCain’s record of conservatism. While it’s impossible to read Colmes’ mind and reason for doing so, it should be acknowledged that, like some conservatives on McCain, some of those of his own ideology have taken to appointing themselves final judge of all things liberal. Alan and McCain share in being victims to ideological cannibalism, and Colmes, at least, has not joined in the feasting of McCain.



  1. Of course he didn’t. Alan actually has CLASS. It is not common in this “Me First” generation but that’s how he has stayed popular for as long as Rush Limbaugh. Yup, that’s true.

  2. that’s why i love alan

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