Ralph Nader’s Running: Accept it.


I neither hate or love him; I am indifferent toward him. But I do believe in his right to run for the Office Of President. Yet I know, because ultimate responsibility means nothing to the unwaveringly arrogant, some Democrats and independents will blame him if he splits their votes and costs the Democrats the White House, and many Republicans will thank him for having that potential affect. Well, here’s a lesson in civics, and it’s simple as hell: He has the right to run, and neither the affects on the Democrats, for the defeat his presence may bring them, or the Republicans, for the victory his presence may provide them, have any relevance to his right as an American Citizen, which supercedes the baseless right assumed by the two major parties and independents to win the Presidency.

 Nader is doing nothing wrong. If the Democrats lose, it’s the fault of the Party for not persuading their members to remain loyal, independents to side with them, and Republicans to change sides.

 Lesson over.


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