Some common signs of know-it-all internet dumbf****


This loud mouth blathering twit stops at almost nothing (if you’re lucky) in his desire to bully everyone into agreeing with him, no matter how half-assed his reasoning is.  The following are some ways of telling if you might be the victim of sharing company with him.

He frequently calls people naive, then he calls them naive again if they didn’t accept it the first time.

He ignores contrary evidence.

He assumes his sources to be perfect.

He believes information from any source he doesn’t like is false, even if it can be proven accurate.

He makes judgements based on ambiguous information and refuses to be open about the possibility that he’s being unfair, let alone to the possibility that he’s wrong.

He believes only his inconsistencies to be forgivable.

He sets up abritrary litmuses for labelling people.

He sees disagreement with him as tantamount to a sin.

He routinely distorts and simplifies your opinions.

Beware this incessant crackhead.



  1. He must be honored.

  2. This would be rush f’in limbaugh

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