If I wasn’t such a stuttering buffoon, here’s how I’d like to begin a call to Alan Comes’ Radio Show


Hey, Alana, darn you for taking my call. How are you, Alice? What do I care, Am I your father? Alanis, I have a proposition, preposition and juxtaposition; I’m not really sure what all of that means, but they go well together. Don’t they?



  1. “Some people”? I think you should have a doctor check for sure, dude.

    I still don’t get how you created your handle, is ‘gutfeld’ the name of a town or something?

  2. Some people think I do. WFG are my initials. Thanks. I wish there were more templates, but this one has a high brow kind of look. It makes stuff look smart. Freezle flop be deezle. Genius.

  3. Interesting… do you have asperger’s or something else?

    What does WFG mean?

    That’s an interesting story about the muslim helping the jew. Beautiful! But that’s the way these things should be.

    I really like the new look of your blog.

  4. Pardon grammar.

  5. I’m guessing you thought I might be Will in Chesapeake. No. I don’t really remember what he said. Anyway, I think I called twice to actually talk to Alan. Once was to mention liberalland on air (give it a compliment), back when it was on blogger, and the second was bring up the heroism of a Muslim man who helped a Jewish man from a thug attack on a NY subway. I recommended Alan try to interview him.

  6. I’ve rarely called the show. I have something like asperger’s syndrome, and a rather childish voice. I’m self conscious about it. As for myspace, I have one, but it wouldn’t make a big difference from here, as I rarely chat with people. It, like here, is mostly a place for me to occasionally blog.

    Eff’s Rambles and my blogger.com blog of the same name are two of my blogs, though I ended Rambles a while ago. Some of the posts are carry overs, sometimes with edits, from Rambles. As for myspace, it’s myspace.com/countschmuckula. I am also wheelies for gutfeld at the activitypit.com, the red eye fan site. the name eff comes from the enunciation of the letter F from one of my earliest online screen names on msn, F14_D, later changed to Eff25.

  7. did you call the show tonight? i’m sorry, i only recognize you by “wheelies” so if you didn’t say “hi my name is wheelies for gutfield, and i’m a recovering keelhauler”, i wouldn’t have realized it was you.

    dude, do you have myspace? or something other than this blog thing?

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