Dear Alan (letter sent to Alan Colmes, whose frequent ignoring of my letters & comments is starting to make me think he’s a big, mean, stinkie, poopie head)


Dear Alan, please stop trying to argue that Wright is an irrelevant issue which Obama should not be asked about anymore. If you succeed in convincing people of this, a question I want answered might not be: “Senator Obama, if Reverend Wright could be a tree, what kind of tree would he be”?

Please let us be able to learn such things.

Wheelies For Gutfeld



  1. Man, talk show hosts are like politicians~ we aren’t going to agree with them on everything.

    He pissed me off when he called babies fetuses, but whatever. Doesn’t change my feelings on the issue.

    I doubt he has time to read all of our emails.

  2. of course wright is an issue. both he and obama made him one. alan isn’t thinking right (pun intended) on this one.

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