Outrage! Gay man hosts contemporary Christian music show for youths


I am shocked and awe shucks’d by Azariah Southworth’s dishonoring of the gay stereotype; gays are supposed to have good taste in music. Mr. Southworth, how dare you! I’m glaring at you, sir.



  1. It comes on at 3 am on Fox News.

  2. well, i don’t know what ‘red eye’ is. the show i mean.

  3. Greg Gutfeld is the host of Red Eye.

  4. nice pun 🙂

  5. I’m pretty sure he “worships” the stuff.

  6. I heard the interview, and he grew up in a Christian househld, one which I assume made him accustomed to hearing Jesus is greater than the greatest greatest great thing that ever was, and ever shall be, great.

  7. lol how do you know what kind of music he listens to?

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