Vir Gin I A Radio Days


A good part of my time is spent listening to the radio here in south eastern Va. Below are miscellanious thoughts, observations, and what not, basically drivel, I have about it.

We have way too many Christian stations. If the Spanish language stations we have could be understood by me, more than half would probably be praising Jesus. I really can’t see the entertainment in hearing anyone praised in song that much.

But I do like the hours our local BBN station gives to Bible reading, as read by Alexander Scourby.

I miss Frank Turner. I think he’s still around (I’ve heard the rare traffic update from him). Frank has a voice like the Penquin with a cold.

Perhaps the best known fm dj is Arlo. I’ve not heard much of him, very little, in fact. I don’t like Fox’s format. Cougar Mellen and Boston music is vastly overrated. I can do without Springsteen, too. The last time I saw a picture of Arlo, I was reminded of Dennis Gage, the handlebar moustache guy from My Classic Car. That or he looks likes the tall thinner guy from Tommy and Rumble.

And, of course, there’s Chuck the Intern. Chuck’s voice is really more obnoxious than Frank’s, but he grows on you, and does a pretty good job singing parodies of songs. Tommy and Rumble are overall good, and, fortunately, don’t try to be too shocking. The exception I know of is the Wheel of Interviews, which I detest. Ultimately, comedy radio’s probably one of the most difficult genres.

Probably the best shows for music are Eric sh-something’s Out of the Box and a few other such programs.

If you have BobFM in your area, yes, it is as much of a gyp here.

What I hope attests to us not being too much of idiots, Radio Disney is way up on the am dial, and, I hope, therefore more likely to be ignored. I’m not even sure it’s still there.

As with an over abundance of Jesus obsession radio, we have conservative talk almost everywhere and most of the time. The most liberal person we have is Alan Colmes, who’s not even local. And many people don’t think he’s authentic, or that he sells out. Well, believe either or not, I tend to think some that say the worst things about him are not the best people, so who needs their approval?

For a counterbalance to the typical faire, Tony Macrini is your choice. I’ve actually e-mailed him several times, and, unlike Alan, who routinely ignores me but for on a few ocassions, or he’s just too busy, Tony has treated me decently, for the most part. If you’ve heard his show, I’m usually the Bill who writes in with stupid names like “Bill Billy Willy Williams” or Bill “Guru” William. I don’t exactly remember what I said, mostly because I don’t save the letters. Also, speaking of Tony and Alan, sometimes I wonder if Tony listens to Alan at night, at least the first hour. It seems like they agree on a fair bit.

Well, that’s it for now.



  1. Heard of her; never listened to her. She’s not available locally, as far as I know.

  2. Interesting. What do you think about Stephanie Miller? She gets on my nerves, and is too liberal for my tastes. I’m actually not very liberal, just really like the format of Alan’s show.

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