Letter to Colmes 2: Open Primaries


Feel free to correct me on anything.

You oppose party primaries being open, which I understand, but also you acknowledge that the two major parties, Democratic and Republican, have a dominance in general election which is very hard for a third party to overcome. While non members of a party voting in that party’s primaries would lessen the vote power of actual, and committed, members, isn’t that a lesser evil than imposing upon the general public candidate choices they might strongly dislike, especially when it’s known that third options, for whatever reasons, cannot get a foothold? The major issue here is that the choice that Democrats and Republicans think only they should be allowed to make, effects more than just them, and with legal power, if one is elected as President of the US, to do so, so it isn’t like Moose Club with smoke-filled rooms and members who seek improper influence but who do not have legal authority. The leaders chosen in the parties’ primaries, literally have such power.


PS. I know someone called you about this, but I didn’t hear the whole call. I’m not associated with him, and don’t, obviously, know his full opinion.



  1. Either or, I guess. I was mostly thinking of Fred Flintstones lodge.

  2. moose club = elks club? šŸ˜‰

  3. Where the hell did that possibly related post feature come from?

  4. Why doesn’t this thing show me as the author?

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