“But others do it too.” “Not all are like that.” Do those comments annoy you as well?

Am I the only one who finds it highly annoying how some people feel the need to state the obvious about how “not all men are like this” and how some women do “it” too?

Suppose you are discussing religion, and instead of debating the facts and merits of what’s in the Koran, if that’s the religion in question, someone has to interrupt with what the Bible says and how that justifiess or condemns the Koran. Or, if some 15 year old girl wants to vent about boys, someone has to talk about how not all boys are bad. Really? It’s not only stating the obvious, it, at least in the religious debate example, is bad logic, because it serves as a distraction and method of avoidance.

It seems as if people think they are smart for making these points. What? Some liberals are pro gun. Some conservatives are environmentalists. Oh, my mind can’t take it. Thank goodness I’ve been saved from that stereotype.


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