Letter to Colmes number something or other

Constructive criticism
From: Bill G.
Fri 6/06/08 4:57 PM
alancolmesradio@foxnews.com (alancolmesradio@foxnews.com)
Dear Alan,
 While you may be correct in your belief that many conservatives, et al, vote against their own self interest, a self interest you believe is best served by voting Democratic, I’d like to submit that there is a difficult to avoid condescending tone in referring to those issues which prevent them from voting Democratic as “irrelevant”. Even if true, or arguably so, I don’t know that it’s persuasive to characterize their issues in that way. I respect that you need to be honest, but I don’t think it’s the best way to present your case. At the least, I wouldn’t simplify those issues as being “irrelevant”.

One comment

  1. But doesn’t everyone vote for their self-interest?

    I’ve actually never heard this argument before. If he talked about it this week, I missed it b/c I haven’t been home.

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