Letter to Colmes: Over simplifying the energy debate


From: Bill G.
Sent:Sat 6/28/08 6:17 PM
To: alancolmesradio@foxnews.com

Alan, as much as you may dislike doing this because it could make for boring radio, I strongly believe you need to have an economics professor whom can better explain the economic benefits of alternative fuels, and not just the economic weaknesses of oil drilling. This matter transcends politics. Your argument against drilling isn’t adequate. People will default to simple answers when in pressing times. Oil drilling is a decades old practice, one which people see as more viable in the short term (which is their main concern) than alternative/green energy sources. Please stop taking the simple approach, it’ll contribute to the failure of alternative/green energy. If you believe in your position, and I trust that you do, make a complete argument, and make it often.



One comment

  1. People will default to simple answers when in pressing times.

    Oh that is such a great line WFG. Ain’t it the truth? People get nervous and panicky when things get really bad. They usually react that way, wanting simple and immediate answers, and I am guilty too sometimes.

    I would love to hear the kinds of guests you suggested but I fear as well that a conversation of that sort with actual substance and on a deeper level would be boring to alot of Alan’s listeners. People tend to like fast food radio and on television too. I have seen guests and conversations like that on C-Span though, and it is quite fascinating at times. I have no idea how many people watch C-Span but I suspect not a whole lot.

    On the other hand, this is such a serious problem affecting our daily lives and which will continue to worsen that hopefully Alan will look a little deeper into this with the right guests.

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