Total writers block


I just can’t condense the one idea I had; make it interesting.



  1. I think I could have Asperger’s Syndrome and OCD.

  2. my doctor thinks that i may have borderline personality disorder. i’m trying to get some info online about that, and other so-called personality disorders. i remember you told me that you had something like that. what’s the name of it again? i looked it up when you told me, but have forgotten.

  3. okay. hate to see you go. love ya, man. you’re a fun blog friend.

  4. Much of it is personal, and not about Alan as much as some might believe. My choice could well have come even with an overabundance of replies.

    Anyway, I don’t want to go through a list of grievances and nitpicks. Just tell Alan this, if someone would, Twitter is slow, once gave me the wrong dates on posts, is often down, and, after the replies section had been closed for repair for a few days, after it reopened I came to find that the replies I’ve received were in response to the wrong updates. Suggestion: dump Twitter.

  5. you already know that you can reach me via myspace, but here’s my email:


    i don’t mind you or epiphany having that one

  6. I hope you see this…

    I miss you already WFG. You, me, flap, RC, we were the original posters on there. Please come back. Alan, just before, posted the following on his blog in response to some things that Cheryl and I had said. I think he understands how we feel and is making an effort. It will never be exactly the way we would like to see him respond to us but he is not ignoring us either and is trying to be involved.

    By the way, as I have posted my email address next to “Mail (required)” please feel free to email me anytime. I’m pretty sure you can see that on your blog? If not I will post my email address on here if you can’t.

    I really do hope you will come back ~ Epiphany 🙂

    Here’s Alan’s post:

    Cheryl and Epiphany…I want to make the blog more interactive. We’re working on ways to do that on the new site via a prominant chat area where everyone cal particpate, not just in the comments section. Tell WFG I’m open to his suggestions. As for posting my positive emails…they’re too self-serving, for one thing. But also true is that the overwheming amount I receive is negative.

    by Alan July 10, 2008 at 3:21 pm

  7. me, epiphany, flap, and rc will miss commenting with you. i think that you should reconsider your decision. if it’s just about the emails, think about the reality of the email situation for our generation- lots of people receive so many emails in a day that it is overwhelming. my personal email account has over 200 unread emails (and those aren’t even spam). it’s been that way for days, and i just haven’t had the stamina to sift through them all. whether it’s a personal or professional email account, it often gets bombarded with correspondence.

    it’s just not fair to expect every email that you send to receive a response. do you know how many emails i’ve sent to other media hosts, and never gotten any response whatsoever? if your decision is based just on the emails, then i really think that you should reconsider.

  8. It’s never thawed.

  9. maybe your brain has frozen.

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