So all know this about me


I have long been in mediocre health, and this has affected me in various ways I won’t get into, but for the purpose of this blog’s readers (few as there are), and the attempt I make in it at being pseudo intellectual, I hope it’s understood that my capacity to read, comprehend and retain information is very limited. That means readily reading through multiple articles is nigh impossible for me. This is largely why I am not a frequent blogger, and include multiple qualifiers in some of my posts, knowing that I am ethically obligated to do so when I haven’t verified the information I am predicating a thought or argument on. Some, I wouldn’t assume most, people consider me to be of decent intelligence. To the extent that’s true, it’s largely innate, not the result of being more learned than anyone else. Please don’t expect much of me. If I posted only after being versed in the subject I want to post about, I’d not post once a year, I suppose.


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  1. Well, I’d certainly say that your intelligence level floats well above “decent”. Sometimes I get intimidated by posts bc I don’t have a wealth of background knowledge to defend my position. But I’d rather give voice to my opinion, than stay silent. Involving myself in discussion helps me to increase my knowledge.

    Don’t worry. I enjoy reading much of what you write.

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