The Problem of NPR


Be it NPR, PBS, PRI, etc., all of these entities have one major weakness in common, they suffer from being comparitively boring.

Put aside, if you will, the issue of a supposed liberal bias, nor can these channels really be defended on this matter on the basis of the quality of their programming and the interesting topics they cover. These channels are not horrible, they are just not appealing to the same audience which conservative talk radio, and television of the more mainstream variety attracts.

And looked at in terms of how they compare to what attracts most people, the public’s view of there being more relevance in what Limbaugh, even admitted leftists on the radio, say and the simpler package of mainstream television, the partially public funded media outlets must be forced into the background.

Consider this, to drive home the point. Do you think most people care about the mating habits of Buffalos, or about the biography of a French poet? Even the predictable redundancy of the likes of Hannity can’t ensure that his listeners will not only turn to NPR, and the like, but that they will stay.

I’ve longed believed that relevance is what hurts PBS, etc., most, not being left wing, as is alleged, and this makes it much more boring that it perhaps needs to be.



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    I agree, I find NPR insufferably boring. I just can’t deal with it. But I like PBS. Some of their documentaries are pretty good. Their programming is not designed for the dumbed down masses like it is with conservative talk radio or the shows on Fox or in the general media for that matter. I like to see shows sometimes that are more narrowly driven, like programs on dancers such as Margot Fonteyn or Martha Graham. They have great nature programs like Nova. Their documentary on Teddy Roosvelt that I saw years ago was one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life.

    I don’t watch everyday, more like a few times a week and I’m grateful they’re there. I hate mainstream tv. I hate the reality shows or programs like American Idol or Desperate Housewives, the View etc. Those are the kinds of shows that boor me. It’s all mindless numbing garbage. Although even I like to be mindlessly distracted sometimes. I will occasionally watch trashy movies such as the ones on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) for hours. It’s like shooting up heroin. I guess everyone needs a break sometimes.

    I understand though, what you’re talking about. Alot of the shows on PBS and shows that interest me are not going to interest about 90% of Americans probably. Most people could care less about ballet, classical music, astronomy, history, nature and animals, biographies of poets, atists and writers etc. But if done well I do enjoy such fare.

    But then again I’m a little wierd to put it mildly. I like C-Span too.

    The mating habits of buffalos? Sounds good, when is that on? Actually the mating habits of bonobos would be much more interesting. Saw that on National Geographic. : )

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