I’m not one who defaults to simple answers. I believe when you can’t validate the reason for something, you admit to uncertainty. Therefor, the “god exists because he is the only cause which can explain the universe and all the complexities contained in it (allegedly)” argument, does not persuade me. So, too, do I reject that all events must have a shared hand, some divine, or other worldly, mover who guides us toward our destinies by the use of events, symbols, whatever. But I must admit that strange similarities can be compelling.

Not long ago, I got in touch with one of my first cousins and my half sister (same mother). While I haven’t found much in common with my cousin, my half sister and full sister, as I’ve found, have multiple close similarities. One example: They married one day apart from each other.

Whatever explains these things, I’m glad they exist. I do believe in coincidences, random occurrences, etc., but I also hope to never lose these events and the sense of magic and comfort they sometimes bring.

From religion to numerology to childhood fantasy friends, I’m glad we have them, because they make our world so much better.


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