Lautenberg needs to rant, and fair trials are for losers


“New Jersey Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg asked the NRA on Thursday to respond to the accusations and to stop the snooping.”

Translation: Appear before me so I may grandstand and try to make look foolish your organization.

I’m sure there’s some point to asking the NRA to respond to accusations you’ve already convicted them of.

This one is interesting because it teaches us a very important Constitutional lesson, well, it implies it:
Senior Judges are obligated to vote with the state when it comes to death penalty cases, because the state is some many tons of awesome!

“State lawmakers approved new measures this year to ban senior judges such as Fuller — who do not face re-election — from hearing death penalty cases. They also tightened the public defender system’s budget.”

Fuller (of shit) had the audacity to believe this (obviously, because he wants you to die!):

“Defense lawyers have an obligation to investigate what those witnesses would say at trial, Fuller said.

But when state money to the defense team was cut off amid controversy over its $1.8 million bill and a state budget crunch, “that investigation simply is not going to happen..”

Thank goodness for Georgia’s legislature. They sure showed those old fart judges. But it’s really for the best. Those judges just don’t know their place. If only they would get with the program.


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