Regarding the claim that George W. Bush ruined our relations with the world


While it’s hard to argue, so it seems, that he didn’t worsen it in some ways, albeit some relations might have been improved under his Presidency, Libya comes to mind, from my limited interactions before 9/11 with the peoples of the world, my impression is America’s status within has not been highly ranked in a long time, if ever. The main thing I remember about these pre 9/11 discussions is the commonly stated belief that America, being as powerful as it was then, has no right to defend itself because it’s the ” most powerful;” sort of “might makes right” turned backwards: might makes wrong.

To me, the notion that the world thought highly of us on a personal level, belies my own experiences. Yes, that’s anecdotal and therefore proof of nothing, but sometimes anecdotes are all we have to go on, and not easy to disbelieve. But there might be ample evidence to show we have long been thought highly of. Too bad it doesn’t feel as if that’s ever been the case.


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