Justice, cannot be wholly separated from vengeance, for that is its prime motivation, and it doesn’t really exist, because the definitions from which it may be made, are in discored with each other: the principles of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, versus punishments of cilized (so-called) societies who seek to avoid being unusually cruel.

The punishments the most vile persons deserve for their heinous crimes are themselves unjust. A rapist deserves to be raped, but rape against anyone is immoral. So, too, is it wrong to murder a murderer; to break the thumbs of a mob enforcer.

Justice doesn’t exist. Punishment, yes. Justice, no.



  1. I think exactly equal punishment is near impossible, or at least unacceptable, when it comes to the worst crimes.

  2. I’m not religious etheir.

    I just read all those crazy tracts and stuffy books.

    A lot good lessons in there right next to some crazy baloney.

    “Eye 4 an eye leaves whole blind.”

    I think punishments that do not exceed the the crime are better than exactly equal crime to punishment. Thanks for sharing your position.

  3. I’m not religious, and I don’t believe in karma, so if you’re referring to those concepts, they don’t bring me comfort.

  4. Wrong. Human justice doesn’t exist.
    There is another form of justice that extends beyond this world and simple human understanding.

    ‘Resist not evil’

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