Oh, what must the father, other man have done?


An 8 year old kills his father and another man. He admits to this. Naturally, assumptions with great certitude as to why he killed them falls to blaming his victims. And not just in saying they were negligent, didn’t pay attention to the signs of a troubled little boy, but in implying they almost certainly did something terrible to him.

Without saying it, people the world over are almost certainly assuming they probably did something as bad as sodomize the boy, and therefor deserved what they got. At best, they might assume one of the men was innocent, but that the boy was so emotionally wrecked by one of them, that the other man died as an unfortunate consequence.

Most offensive, though, is the infuriating truth that, if all these know-it-alls, whose arguments could lead to the early release of this boy whom they cannot yet disprove as being a sociopath, are wrong about the danger he presents, as they likely will try to downplay how dangerous he could be to others, will never take any responsibility for what he does after his release. They not only will want him released early and acknowledged as being disturbed because of what his father or the other man “did,” ignoring any evidence that could exonerate them, they will give hollow apologies for what they’ve put back into society.

Maybe he shouldn’t suffer for the rest of his life, but I refuse to condemn his father, the other man, for what they might have done.



  1. Gun page has been made private until such time as I can make edits, revisions, etc., to it.

  2. I’m not the praying type, but I will wish for what’s best. I just don’t yet know what that is.

  3. This was a truly tragic case which happened in my home state. though I am not following the story closely, I am aware of a few of the details. One of which is the kid was obsessed with video games. Another is that the father was apparently really mean to the kid. We don’t know all the details yet, and much of the story is being kept under wraps due to the nature of the case and age of the child. They do not want to spoil the jury pool, or have the case sensationalized. If anyone on this Earth needs your prayers, its this little kid and his Mom. More infor at KTAR.com

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