Letter to Colmes: Hall & Oats and John Stewart of The Daily Show



Alan, there is a positive to be seen in this.

A lot of us think H&C is stacked against you. Cynics will assume the same about your show in development, but many of us believe you will use your, presumably greater, control of it wisely. Stewart, et al, probably believe the same.

This is detrimental to them. Why? Because if you establish a strong liberal presence on Fox News, it, and you, will be far more difficult to target for attacks. Worse yet, if you are successful, then Murdoch will want to try more liberal leaning shows out, which will add more balance to Fox News. Anal retentive, so-called “liberals,” who think they alone decide who deserving of being called a liberal, and to what level, cannot stomach that prospect.

They are desparate to undermine you, because they know that, as a basis for mockery, your new venture will not provide the fodder that, unfortunately, the set up of H&C does.


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