If Iraq becomes a liberal, even stable, democray, it will prove Bush as one of the great U.S. Presidents



That will only prove Bush was correct about its possibility

It won’t prove the war was justified.

It won’t invalidate the greater global opinion against this war.

Are those who doubt the security based necessity of going into Iraq supposed to be silent?

Are those who think genuine democracy can only be created from within, not imposed by violent means from without, supposed to declare that the ends justify the means, and accept a stable democracy as the same thing as a liberal democracy?

Nevermind trying to convince the world of the international security based necessity of going into Iraq, let’s just have them think it’s justified by the democracy that’s been created there.

Hell, why even have a reason to believe a country is a viable threat to the world, even itself? Why don’t we just throw darts at a world map and democratize the first nation which isn’t already one?

This isn’t about how great an accomplishment it will be for Bush if Iraq becomes a successful liberal democracy, this is about post rationalizing an uneccessary war and praising Bush for it.


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